March Madness Parlay Bets - College Basketball Betting

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A College Basketball teaser bet allows you to adjust the game point spread in your favor. A basketball teaser is like a parlay, but you can add or subtract points from the spread to make your bets stronger. This is called moving the line. Additional points are either added to the underdog or subtracted from the favorite when betting a teaser. The odds change according to the number of points the spread is moved and the number of teams combined to form the teaser.

For example, Syracuse might be favored by 9 points in one game and Boston College might be favored by 12 points in a second game. A 6 point teaser would adjust the Syracuse point spread 6 points in the customer's favor; i.e. Syracuse would now be favored by 6 points (12-6=6).

The customer might make a bet on a 6 point teaser with Syracuse and Boston College. In this example, the customer is betting that Syracuse will win by 6 points and Boston College will win by 3 points (9-6=3). As in the parlay, all teams must win.

Ties are often considered losing bets at many sportsbooks, not pushes, so check the rules before you bet.

March Madness Parlay Bets - College Basketball Betting

Why betting on a March Madness basketball parlay and not make several individual Basketball bets? The payouts for parlays are significantly higher than for individual bets. But remember, since every one of the individual plays must win, it's an all-or-nothing bet. If you win two out of three plays, the parlay still loses, whereas you would have won those two plays as individual straight bets. You are given better odds because predicting the outcomes of several basketball games together is more difficult than predicting any individual game. More March Madness Basketball Parlays



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